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Why Blinds Are Everything This Season

The most important things you’ll wrap this holiday season won’t be the presents. They’ll be your windows. I mean, obviously! And just because the view outside may be cold and wet and gross doesn’t mean that your window coverings need to be all glum and bah humbug! This year windows are all about warmth and class and staying relaxed while keeping it clean and--most important of all--the electricity bill low.

We sat down with Kyle Cox of Blindster, the number one online retailer for custom window covering and blinds online in the US on what blinds are best to keep your home fresh for the holidays.

In other words, it’s time to say farewell to those peeling shutters and, of course, those heavy, stuffy old drapes. A fresh batch of custom blinds will keep you jolly all year. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and you can install them yourself. Here’s a quick list of what makes blinds nice and not at all naughty:

Keep It Clean

Living through a pandemic hasn’t been anyone’s idea of fun, has it? Movie theaters and restaurants emptied out while Clorox disappeared. We’re all borderline germaphobes these days and rightly so. Which makes the thought of long, fuzzy drapes just waiting to catch dust and microbes (among other things) kind of, untimely! This holiday season, we definitely want our homes to be festive but also clean. Very clean. This is why blinds are the better option, since they are easy to clean and don't attract as many germs and dust as drapes.

Keep It Relaxed

No mystery that sleep is at record lows. We’ve lost a few hours a night in just a few decades, and that was before COVID. On the positive side, the lockdowns and remote work taught us how to cocoon so much better, with our groceries delivered to our doorstep and dozens of new streaming channels to choose from. But nothing ruins a cocoon like too much light seeping in through the cracks of warped window coverings or--perish the thought!--the missing plastic slat. Every cocoon deserves a fresh, clean set of blinds to keep reality at bay, doesn’t it? Even better are motorized blinds that can be shut at the touch of a button--from your couch or bed, preferably.

Keep It Warm

It’s a well-known fact that there are way more people who say that they love the outdoors than who really do love the outdoors, particularly when it’s too hot (or too cold). Or when there’s bugs. Or noise. Or smoke. Or a global pandemic. Or whatever. Wood or bamboo blinds are a perfect solution, bringing the outside in at the twist of a wand--but not too much, if you know what I mean!

Keep It Classy

You know what else we’ve learned to do in the last two years? Zoom calls. But it hasn’t been so easy. First, we had to teach ourselves how to frame ourselves and how not to get caught wearing our pyjamas--or falling asleep on camera. Then we learned that having sunlight streaming through the window behind us was bad, very bad! But you know what’s an even worse background? Creepy drapes from some 80s horror movie, the kind the bad guy is always hiding behind. They’re nightmare fuel, seriously.

Keep It Efficient

Sure, it’s winter now and even parts of Florida are in the 30s. But before long, Spring will have sprung, and with it the beginning of extra-humongous A/C bills thanks to inflation! A perfectly-fitted set of blockout (or blackout) blinds will keep your home as efficient as possible and the bills as low as possible in 2022. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

For more information on the best energy efficient, clean and up-to-date and on trend blinds check out for more information.

Make sure you end up on the nice list by keeping your interior fresh this holiday season.

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