The Difference Sides of Victoria Elise

Updated: Nov 2

Victoria Elise is a model and stock trader who has appeared in prominent publications the likes of Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, FHM, Askmen, and Mandatory.

When Victoria isn’t modeling, she works as a part-time daytrader while going to school for Business Administration/Economics at University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Wanting to do something with the money she made from modeling work, Victoria put her burgeoning economics knowledge to understand stocks. It started off with a purchase of BRK Class B stock and practicing with trading platform ThinkorSwim. That has allowed her to build instincts and work daytrading while still in school. Victoria is currently under a mentorship with a trader. She plans to pursue an MBA in Healthcare Administration come January 2020.

Victoria was a semi-finalist in ‘Maxim’s Finest’ competition and finalist as a ‘Hometown Hottie’. More recently, she was featured on Paramount Network’s hit reality series Bar Rescue.