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Power Couple Leland and Jamie Chapman!

If Leland Chapman look familiar to you, its because you among millions of others have seen this bail bondsman and bounty hunter in action on A&E Network Reality television program Dog the Bounty Hunter. Leland along with his Dad (Dog the bounty hunter) have been bounty hunters most of Leland's life. Leland told us a few stories about his childhood, growing up with Dog as a father and discussed with us his plans for recovery from his most recent injury. But, it was not just Leland that we got to talk with but his wife Jamie Chapman as well.

The couple is absolutely amazing and we could tell in the interviews that there is a strong bond between these two. The shoot the two had for us was a very intimate shoot and something brand new for us, but what we took from it is a, entertainment power couple that has a rock solid bond.

Learn and read more about Leland and Jamie Chapman in the Winter 2020 Issue of Savoir Faire Magazine. Click here!


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