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Meet Model and Actress Mónica Balaguer

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Mónica became interested in fashion and TV when she was a student. She remembers a summer that she was offered to make her first commercial. From there, she began to work alongside renowned actors and actresses such as Mario Casas, Blanca Suarez, Eduardo Noriega and many others, in different Spanish series such as “El Barco”, “Homicide”, television shows and advertising. The world of acting began to attract her so much that she trained at the Escuela Instituto del Cine in Madrid, under the direction of Esteban Roel.

On fashion, she shot for different magazines and has participated in a number of catwalks.

Monica Balaguer is a very athletic person who combines all her work with sports and has participated in sports events image (MUTUA MADRID OPEN ...) She has been on different sports teams and currently trains at the Club 3C Ski Competition Club located in Madrid.

Balaguer loves traveling, meeting people from other cultures and speaking different languages, she currently speaks 4 and is learning a 5th one... Mónica has lived in different countries including the USA.

¿What led you to work on TV and Fashion?

I remember one summer when I was in Mexico a producer from there gave me his contact to work with his company.

“Besides working on Tv and Fashion what other jobs have you had in your life?

I have worked in Child Education, as a language ​​teacher and ski technician.

What is your big dream?

I have many haha. Above all, growing on a personal and professional level, being able to continue learning every day. Keep working on what I really like, but in Spain in general it is difficult to grow professionally in all or most sectors, since companies don´t make it easy for you. I admire companies that value their workers and support them.

What brand would you like to work with?

I would love to be able to shoot with sports brands.

Example Adidas... I love sports.

And other brands like Tommy Hilfiger...

A perfect day for you?

Enjoy life, there is time for everything. Enjoy family, friends... and most importantly, do what you really want, not always having to follow the patterns of other people.

Mónica was photographed by the incredible European photographer Claudia Carneiro Gomes.

PR Agency: International Reputation PR. IG @internationalreputationpr


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