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Marisa Milroy to Release her Film The Secret Art of Human Flight

Updated: Jun 26

Marisa Milroy is captivating and enigmatic, much like her approach to storytelling. A published poet at age seven, Marisa’s craft continued to develop into works of fiction, leading to her branching into Film at the age of eighteen. Originating from Canada, Marisa moved to Los Angeles at seventeen.

Marisa honed her craft as a screenwriter, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from The New York Film Academy. Marisa’s screenplays explore the tenacity of complex characters in unconventional worlds. She specializes in both Feature and Television screenplays centered upon LGBTQIA+ and mental health driven concepts.

Her spec feature screenplay AWAKE, garnered attention at numerous notable screenplay competitions. It was a quarterfinalist for the Screen Craft Screenwriting Fellowship (2020), placed in the Quarter-Final round of the 2020 PAGE Awards competition, advanced in the second round in the Drama Feature Screenplay in the 2020 Austin Film Festival Script Competition, and received an honorable mention at First Frame International Film Festival 2021.

While the world entered a new normal, Marisa moved back to Vancouver, BC where she was hired by a local production company to adapt a YA novel for an unreleased television mini-series. Marisa is currently in development on an LGBTQIA+ screenplay with Florida Hill Entertainment.

Marisa ventured back to Los Angeles and opened up her business in conjunction with her production company, Did You See Me productions. Specializing in working as a screenwriter and producer, Marisa’s company offers writing services such as ghostwriting and script doctoring as well as her own freelance as a screenwriter. She most recently produced The Secret Art of Human Flight, starring Academy Award Nominee Paul Raci (Sound of Metal) and Grant Rosenmeyer (The Royal Tenanbaums, Money Monster), its release slated for 2023. Her recent short films, SWATCH, What You Felt Like, and Lily White are also slated for a 2023 release.

Associated with her company, Marisa also works with the non-profit organization, Tad Health, producing and writing a podcast to provide a platform for high school and college students. Marisa’s main purpose is to be a voice to the mental health and addiction community as well as LGBTQIA+ and share stories that bring attention and awareness.

Check out her interview in our print issue!

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