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Luk BeautiFood Is Nourishing Beauty Inside and Out

Updated: 7 days ago

In the world of beauty, few brands manage to seamlessly blend nutrition with cosmetics, but Luk BeautiFood is an exception. Founded by Cindy Luken, a former chef and food scientist, Luk BeautiFood offers a unique approach to beauty, emphasizing clean, nutritious ingredients. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Cindy about her journey and the innovative products her brand offers, including their latest launch: the Lash Nourish Mascara.

Cindy’s passion for food started early. "I have always had a passion for food," she shared. "My father introduced me to so many great foods, even things that were not common in Australia. So, I went to university to learn about cooking and nutrition, eventually serving amazing people, including royalty." Her culinary expertise led her to start a successful catering company, which she sold in 2003. However, the demanding nature of the service industry prompted her to explore product creation, leading to the development of a unique cookie business. This venture paved the way for her true passion: blending food science with beauty.

"From 2006 to 2008, during the time I had my first and second children, I started creating lipsticks," Cindy explained. "By 2012, I had launched Lip Nourish, using food science to harness the beauty of food. It’s about the texture, taste, and health." Her food background allowed her to challenge conventional beauty product ingredients, leading to the creation of lipsticks made from natural butters, waxes, and oils. Each product in the Lip Nourish line is named after its shade and flavor, such as Tea Rose, reflecting Cindy’s dedication to clean, food-based beauty.

Luk BeautiFood began as a blog in 2010, where Cindy shared her insights on eating for beauty. "As I was building the community, I realized the potential for a makeup line derived from food products. Luk comes from my surname Luken, and BeautiFood represents the synergy between beauty and nutrition," she said. The brand’s lipsticks are waterless, made from avocado oils, beeswax, and cocoa butter, ensuring a natural, nourishing application.

The Lash Nourish Mascara, available in Rich Espresso and Black Tea, is Luk BeautiFood’s latest innovation. This 2-in-1 mascara not only enhances lashes but also conditions them with a synthetic-free botanical formula. "Our mascara supports natural lash growth with ingredients like argan oil, cucumber seed oil, and green tea extract," Cindy explained. "It’s designed to be clump-free, smudge-resistant, and gentle for sensitive eyes."

Cindy is particularly excited about the potential of the Lash Nourish Mascara. "Our new mascaras are fantastic, but I believe Lip Nourish is our secret weapon. When you apply it, you feel rejuvenated, like you’ve had a green drink, been to the sauna, and are ready to take on the day," she enthused. This holistic approach to beauty is what sets Luk BeautiFood apart.

The brand’s growth is evident, with new warehouses in the US and Australia. "The majority of our sales are through brick-and-mortar stores," Cindy noted. "Women prefer to try colors in person rather than buying from an unknown brand online. We’re now heavily focused on B2B and direct-to-store sales."

Luk BeautiFood continues to push the boundaries of beauty with clean, nutritious products that nourish from the inside out. Cindy Luken’s vision and dedication have created a brand that not only enhances beauty but also promotes health and well-being. For those seeking a cleaner, more nutritious approach to beauty, Luk BeautiFood offers a refreshing and innovative option.

For more on Cindy Luken and the latest from Luk BeautiFood, visit Luk BeautiFood.


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