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Kirk Kara Is Crafting Timeless Originals with a Legacy of Excellence

Inspired by the past, reimagined for the present, and forever captivating—this is the essence of Kirk Kara, a name synonymous with craftsmanship, authenticity, and timeless elegance. What sets Kirk Kara into a class of its own is not merely the production of jewelry, but the creation of modern heirlooms, meticulously handcrafted with an artistic touch that transcends generations.

Our modern heirlooms are a far cry from generic, mass-produced pieces. At Kirk Kara, the ethos is clear—we don't reproduce classics; we breathe life into them. Talented artisans painstakingly craft each ring by hand, laboring over original sketches that embody a vintage soul with modern appeal. The gems are not just selected; they are carefully chosen to be ideal for each piece. The result? Rings that capture the intricate detailing of a bygone era while possessing an aesthetic that is entirely their own.

At Kirk Kara, our creations are not just jewelry; they are timeless originals, each bearing a nod to antique style. Just as each love story is unique, so are the iconic designs that proudly bear our name.

The Karaguezian Family Legacy

For four generations, the Karaguezian family has been the creative force behind Kirk Kara, starting with Kirk's grandfather in 1890. From the very beginning, authenticity and craftsmanship have been the heartbeat of their legacy. Today, the next generation of women in the family stands as trailblazers, co-creating the next generation of heirlooms that continue to captivate hearts.

Meet the Visionaries:

Kirk - Chairman of the Board

To say that jewelry design is in Kirk's blood is an understatement. Born into a family of renowned jewelers, Kirk's destiny was set from the start. After graduating from business school in Beirut in 1973, he joined his father's company, mastering the art of jewelry craftsmanship. In the 1980s, Kirk's invisible setting designs and distinctive fashion jewelry gained acclaim nationwide. With his wife Lucy and two daughters, he steered the company to unprecedented heights, winning the esteemed Jewelers’ Choice Awards 10 years in a row—an achievement unparalleled in the industry.

Angela - CEO and Designer

Angela, the CEO and designer, embodies the spirit of Kirk Kara's evolution. Immersed in the jewelry world from a young age, she graduated with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and now leads the business into the future. Angela's love for fashion infuses her designs—chic, playful, and modern. Committed to preserving the family's legacy, she embraces innovation to reenergize the brand each year. Under the guidance of her father, Kirk, Angela leads with a strong feminine vision, steering the brand towards new horizons.

In a world where trends come and go, Kirk Kara remains a constant—an unwavering commitment to excellence, a celebration of love, and a legacy that continues to unfold with each meticulously crafted piece. The journey of Kirk Kara is not just a story; it's an ongoing masterpiece—a testament to the enduring beauty of family, craftsmanship, and the timeless allure of vintage-inspired originals.

Kirk Kara has a rich family history in the jewelry business. Could you share some insights into the brand's origins and how it has evolved over the years?

Absolutely. Kirk Kara is a fourth-generation business rooted in our Armenian heritage, dating back to 1890. We began by hand carving jewelry, and our commitment to craftsmanship has been unwavering. We take pride in our iconic pieces, some of which we still hold in our vault. As the oldest daughter, I find immense joy in carrying the torch of this great brand. Our family, with its business acumen, has successfully propelled Kirk Kara through generations.

Can you share your perspective on the current trends in the jewelry industry and how Kirk Kara is staying innovative and relevant in this dynamic market?

At Kirk Kara, we are true artists. We draw inspiration from existing trends but infuse our unique touch to make each piece our own. Our signature filigree, a delicate and intricate embellishment, sets us apart. We use custom old-world tools, ensuring that our craftsmanship stands out. The use of the best diamonds and alloys further enhances the distinctiveness of our creations.

As the CEO of Kirk Kara, how do you see the role of craftsmanship and design in setting the brand apart from others in the industry?

Crafting the identity of Kirk Kara involves a journey that began with my entry into the family business. PR played a pivotal role in shaping the brand. My sister recognized the value in our legacy, pulling me into the business. From helping on sets to traveling for shows, I gained valuable experience. When COVID hit, and my parents wanted to retire, I took on the role of CEO.

How do you approach decision-making and leadership in a family-owned business like Kirk Kara? Are there unique aspects or challenges you encounter in this context?

Staying relevant in the jewelry industry requires keeping a pulse on trends while maintaining our brand's grounding in craftsmanship. We make decisions with an unwavering commitment to quality, always using the best artisans. Our branding remains true, different, and traditional. The Kirk Kara brand holds a strong name in the American market, thanks to the high standards set by my father. Leading with my heart, keeping the legacy in mind, and ensuring the well-being of my team are paramount in my approach to leadership.


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