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Dr. Thelá Thatch Is Pioneering Change in the World of Human Resources

Dr. Thelá Thatch's journey through the corporate landscape of human resources is as transformative as it is inspiring. With over two decades of dedicated service, Dr. Thatch has not only shaped the HR policies of Fortune 500 companies but has also redefined the role of diversity and inclusion within the industry. Known affectionately as "MRS. HR," Dr. Thatch's influence extends across continents and industries, impacting both corporate structures and community lives.

Raised in a high-risk neighborhood in New Jersey, Dr. Thatch's path was redirected by a school counselor who introduced her to affirmative action, leading her to pursue higher education—a journey that wasn't initially in her plans. Her career began at FOX TV as a production assistant, where she worked alongside notable personalities like Don Lemon and Ed Berns. This experience in media laid the groundwork for her narrative skills, which she would later apply in corporate settings.

Transitioning from media to human resources, Dr. Thatch honed her expertise at various companies including Cablevision and a cinema company, before landing her dream job at Live Nation. It was here that her role as an HR specialist in diversity truly took shape, earning her the title of the Human Resource Agency for Diversity.

In 2015, Dr. Thatch launched "Mrs. HR in a box," a platform designed to answer the hard questions that employers and employees face in the workplace. This initiative stemmed from her desire to implement HR practices that are effective across various corporate cultures. "Mrs. HR" quickly became more than just a blog; it evolved into a full-service consultancy that addressed everything from executive coaching to diversity recruitment.

Dr. Thatch's book, The Diversity Dilemma, is a candid exploration of her experiences in the HR field, particularly as a black woman who often felt tokenized in roles designed to showcase company diversity rather than to utilize her full expertise. The book discusses the emotional and professional challenges of addressing equity in the workplace and offers insights into creating more inclusive environments that genuinely respect and utilize diverse talent.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Dr. Thatch is the founder of Time2Dream, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing educational resources and economic empowerment opportunities. Time2Dream is a testament to her commitment to connecting diverse communities with corporations that value and seek diverse applicants.

Dr. Thelá Thatch continues to travel the world, from Africa to El Salvador, sharing her knowledge and expertise as a DEI speaker, trainer, and coach. Her work, deeply rooted in her own experiences and enhanced by her strategic vision, has not only transformed HR departments but has also inspired countless individuals to pursue equity and excellence in their professional lives. Dr. Thatch's story is not just one of overcoming but of thriving and enabling others to do the same through thoughtful, impactful human resource practices.


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