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Best-Selling Author, Rober Shemin, Talks About 'Project X'

New York Times and Washington Post best-selling author Robert Shemin is a self-made man and an example to follow. He runs a number of business and is one of the world’s leading real estate investors. Without any experience in real estate he found a promising property but he didn’t have any funds to buy it. On a mentor’s recommendation, he started reaching out for investors. Even in this infant stage of his future success, people in high positions realized they weren’t just funding a real estate transaction: they were buying into Robert.

Shemin wants to give back to the community and he has a training program called Project X for students with high potential. The program is about an experience, not just static instruction. The conveyance of facts is insufficient. In Robert’s world, it is the doing that truly equips someone for long-term success. Graduates of the program are regularly seen as emerging talent and forces to be reckoned with in the industry.

Some of his more recent endeavors include weekly webinars, where he speaks candidly to real estate investor hopefuls all around the world. Rather than just impart knowledge, he favors a hands-on approach that gets real, immediate results.

“Now I’ve got over 2,000 international investors in Israel who we’ve trained in the Community Help Project and they close between 200-500 deals a month in the United States. But we teach people relationships, long term, how to take care of people, community and giving back.”

Of course, the businesspeople who attend these events are being given unprecedented access to someone with Robert’s credentials and body of work. But Robert doesn’t see it that way.

“Everything’s a decision. I like doing deals. I like teaching people, starting businesses and doing charity. I’m busier than ever. I’ve opened three new businesses, done 10 deals, new books, new courses and going 18 hours a day. I love it. We did more deals and made more money during the pandemic than I did before and most of my students have, too.”

The democratization of something that may seem unattainable, especially for people without means, is game-changing. Robert’s resources give people who are truly on the outside of wealth and knowledge a full-pass ticket to success. He works in Africa, Israel, South and Central America and all over the world to provide a pathway for unlikely people to make it big. What makes it even better is that isn’t even the extent of his big heart.

Robert is very well known for his charitable work. He specializes in supporting standards for people in section 8 housing. As one of the first to do this, Robert explains that his mission was to treat people in homes like these the way he would want to be treated.

Many low-income families and whole communities in the U.S. are unknowing beneficiaries of Robert’s generosity. He imparts a vision for this servant-heartedness to investors in his program, other world class business leaders and everyone he meets.

All of this work came with a bigger challenge for Robert. Early on, it was discovered that Robert had not only part-dyslexia, but a speech impediment as well that impaired everything from academics to his ability to communicate effectively from a young age. Emerging from an unimpressive academic career, he found himself a young man in an unremarkable job. But he wasn’t going to sit and let his life go by without doing anything significant. That’s why he pushed his challenges and even learnt Spanish to the point that he speaks fluently and even offers conferences in Latin America. Nowadays, Robert Shemin is the entrepreneur younger generations look up to.


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