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Avalon Bell Tents are the new Trend in Camping!

Updated: Feb 22

Bell tents are perhaps the most common form of canvas tents, with a fairly simple design where the canvas fabric is supported by a center pole and sometimes, a pole in the door entrance as well, referred to as an A-frame.

Bell tents, in some cases, are also known as a canvas teepee tent because of the similar shape. You may find in your research, though, that there are technical differences. Some tend to use “bell tent” and “canvas teepee tent” interchangeably.

Known as America’s Favorite Bell Tents, bell tents for sale at White Duck Outdoors are designed to be the perfect accommodation for almost any use, from camping to glamping, to hunting, to backyard camping. These canvas bell tents are affordable, versatile, quick to set up and easy to use for people of all experience levels, so whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned veteran, the Regatta and Avalon bell tents would make for an ideal selection.

The Regatta and Avalon bell tents are treated to be water repellent, mold and mildew resistant, and UV resistant, with fire retardant options available if you plan to have a bell tent with stove setup. The best bell tent will already have these treatments applied so that you don’t need to worry about additional costs for it and can be sure your bell tent is protected.

When you buy a White Duck Outdoors bell tent for sale, you always get free shipping, free returns and our White Duck Warranty so you’re always covered in the event of mishaps.

Common Features of Bell Tents


What makes bell tents so great is how well equipped they are with the features and functionality you need in the outdoors. Especially with White Duck Outdoors bell tents, we go above and beyond to offer you the functionality you need, whether you’re spending a weekend in your canvas bell tent or living in it semi-permanently.

When you’re looking at bell tents for sale, you need to ensure they have:

  • A lightweight center pole and A-frame (if applicable)

  • Storm doors with two layers, canvas and bug mesh

  • Windows with a mesh layer, that you don’t have to pay extra for

  • A stove jack to keep your tent warm in the winter

  • A groundsheet

  • Reflective guylines for nighttime navigation

Benefits of Bell Tents


The great thing about bell tents is the many perks they offer, over other kinds of canvas tents.

  • Multipurpose: Bell tents are versatile in that they can be used for a variety of applications. You can use bell tents for camping in parks or even for backyard camping. Bell tent glamping is also extremely common and you can set up your own bell tent for glamping, or find resorts that offer bell tent glamping.

  • Setup time: On average, especially after your first time, a bell tent takes 10 minutes or less to set up. Since we provide all the components you need, it’s that much easier to get going.

  • Stove Jack Compatible: Both the Regatta Bell Tent and Avalon Bell Tent have 5” and 6” cut-outs for a stove jack, so you can use your bell tent even if it gets colder, to a large extent. If possible, you should try and find a canvas tent with stove jack built in, rather than have to make your own or pay extra for one.

  • Storage: Both types of canvas bell tents come with their own duffel bag for storage, so you can easily put them away when you’re back from your trip.

What people are saying


Awesome tent! Set up in the backyard for camping, kids love it. After set up and treated for waterproofing, it rained pretty good. No leaks, nothing. Very sturdy, great material. Highly recommend.

I really can not share an accurate review of my 13FT. Diameter Avalon, Bell tent , Just yet! The reason is , after my first time ordering from White Duck, I was soon delivered the (2) boxes that my tent was shipped in...And when I got them I was elated because, delivery of MY NEW Avalon just put me (2) steps further into what I believe is my RIGHT decision, for my life...My intention is to back pack in on New York. to be continued.

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