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Actress Aurora Cossio Talks About Her Role In The Dark Tale of 'Griselda' With Sofia Vergara

In the realm of crime drama, where the line between power and peril is often blurred, actress Aurora Cossio emerges as a shining star in the upcoming Netflix series, "Griselda." Set to premiere globally on January 25, 2024, the series chronicles the riveting real-life story of Griselda Blanco, a savvy Colombian businesswoman known as the "Black Widow." In the midst of this gripping narrative, Cossio takes on the role of Estela, a character whose complexity adds layers to the unfolding drama.

"Griselda" marks a significant role for you as Estela in the Netflix series. Can you share with us how you prepared for this character and what drew you to the role of Estela in this crime drama?

Aurora: It is inspired by a true story; my character, Estela, was never someone I could meet or talk to. Griselda passed away a few years ago, but the producers captured the vibe and storyline correctly. Griselda was a mother who had faced abuse in her past and was determined to risk it all for a better life. Estela, my character, was a good woman and a friend to Griselda. They worked closely together, and Estela was in her inner circle. Female power, ambition – we want to inspire people to embody these qualities but not necessarily follow the same path.

Your character, Estela, is portrayed alongside Sofia Vergara's leading crime boss in 'Griselda.' How was the experience of working with Sofia and the rest of the cast, and how did it contribute to the overall dynamic of the series?

Aurora: I didn’t know I was going to be working with Sofia until I got the job! I was very excited; we are both Colombian, and she is a big inspiration to all Latinas, especially Colombians. She gave me a lot of confidence, motivation, and really pushed me to bring my 'A Game.' The director, Andy Baiz, is also Colombian and an old friend. It was an answer to my prayers during the pandemic when I asked for a sign to stay in Los Angeles. The experience was incredible, and Sofia played a significant role in boosting my confidence.

Beyond 'Griselda,' you have had a diverse career, including roles in 'La Selecciòn' and 'La Reina del Sur.' How do you approach selecting roles, and what attracts you to projects with such varied genres and themes?

Aurora: I wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl. My parents, a doctor and a businesswoman, initially were not on board. They wanted me to get a degree, so I did in psychology. I have to thank them for pushing me to be good and do good. My diverse career is a result of pursuing my passion despite the initial resistance.

In addition to your successful acting career, you founded 'Good Morning Happiness.' Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind this initiative and how it aligns with your background in Psychology?

Aurora: Good Morning Happiness is about mental health, using my psychology degree. It was important for me to give back to the world and understand my purpose, helping others cope with physical and emotional pain. Laughter Therapy is medicine, and I've proven its efficacy. I consider myself a superwoman, focusing on various areas of life, and I want to spread joy and make dreams come true.

As the Netflix series "Griselda" prepares to captivate audiences globally, Aurora Cossio's portrayal of Estela promises to be a standout performance. Working alongside Sofia Vergara, Cossio brings depth and authenticity to her character, contributing to the overall allure of the crime drama. Beyond the screen, Cossio's commitment to mental health through "Good Morning Happiness" reflects her multifaceted approach to life – an approach that fans can expect to see in her future endeavors on screen and beyond. The journey of Aurora Cossio is one of ambition, passion, and a commitment to spreading happiness in every corner of the world.


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