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Actor Daniel Delhoyo Plays the Role of a Hacker in 'The Leak'

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Actor Daniel Delhoyo stars in the film ‘The Leak’. ‘The Leak’ definitely changed the perspective of the way we perceive Sci-Fi movies after being screened in multiple top festivals of Independent Cinema, such as Top Indie Film Awards, being the only Sci-Fi title during its Indie festival circuit, and bringing home the award of Outstanding Achievement from the Berlin Flash Film Festival.

“I love the way my character was written. It slowly and unexpectedly becomes a huge part of the plot as the script evolves, which made the actual preparation for it insanely interesting and fulfilling.” Says Daniel.

It is important for an actor to understand the live of the character he’s portraying, but Daniel was not familiar with the insights of the live of a hacker and he’s not even a technology expert. So, he took it seriously and did all the hard work that it takes to create a brilliant performance. He mentioned “I did pretty intense research of how hackers operate and saw about 10 documentaries about them. I did not have any understanding of hacking or even computers at all. I literally struggle to remember the password on my laptop.”

It’s not only a movie about hackers…it really portrays accurately the theme of greed and betrayal. The film does an impeccable job in disguising this with entertaining explosions and chase sequences. However, it is a very emotional and relatable story that basically explores the natural instinct of greed and power in our society.

“I honestly think that you can merge Sci-Fi and cool-looking stuff and still remain artistic and loyal to the art of cinema. The Leak is the proof of it.” Says Delhoyo.

The film was shot on green screen and Daniel claims that it was the most fun he has ever had “I had never had so much fun filming….CGI was definitely a challenge, but a fun challenge!

Filming on a green screen and imagining what it would be like having people spying on me over the phone definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Coming to work every day and holding a phone while running around worried all over a green studio was actually super fun. I’d do it 1,000 times again!”


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