Why Become a Savoir Faire Club Member? 

The Savoir Faire Club is an exclusive, private membership dedicated to bringing exceptional and unique individuals together in both a professional and social setting.

Becoming a Savoir Faire Club member will give you access to amazing opportunities to socialize and network with like-minded people that are entrepreneurs, professionals, entertainers and adventure seeking. 

The Savoir Faire Club Membership comes with exclusive benefits that provide you the opportunity to networking, enjoy social gatherings and take advantage of exclusive discounts that only Savoir Faire Club members receive


We are always looking for great members to become a part of our exclusive club and bring value so if this is you please, except this invite to become a member. JOIN NOW.

Benefits of becoming a club member? 


Networking is the key to growing your business and networking with some experienced professional members of our club is your key to growth. 

Join the Savoir Faire Club and get access entrepreneur's, business professional's and more that could be the perfect contact for you. Every member of the Savoir Faire Club knows that we are all about networking and success and having access to like minded entrepreneur's is a must for business to grow. All though members are running businesses of their own they are always available at business meetings and networking events. 


Dinners, Cocktail parties, wine tastings, showcases, Entertainment Events and stage shows are staple events for Savoir Faire Club Members.

A casual night out with your spouse or alone networking with fell club members and others is the casual side of the club membership. We will book reservations at only the best place around the country and reserve tables for our members only. 


We produce and get invited to very exclusive and amazing events. As a member you will get access as well just by showing and using your club card. 

Nightclubs Events and Exclusive Events that we host are the highlights of our year. Join the club and get access to exclusive parties where you can meet other members, get access to special guests and mingle with professionals and like minded people. 


The best part of our club is the Volunteer work we do. Become a Philanthropist with like minded members and lets give back to our communities. 

Amazing causes from around the country are always looking for help and we love to be on the front lines of Philanthropy and assisting these causes with there missions! From cleaning up the ocean, cleaning a beach, food bank work, and many more we put our hands and hearts to work when ever we can as members. 


Savoir Faire Magazine is involved in the entertainment industry and we get access to amazing shows. Become a member and get behind the scenes access. 

Events like, New York Fashion Week, The Grammy Awards, The Met Gala and so many other events are all visible in our Behind The Scenes access group. We use Facebook to go live and show you, the activities, the people and the exclusive moments that only come with press passes at these events. 


Spend some time with club members, like minded professionals and beautiful people at destination travel events

Travel with us to tropics, mountains', and plenty of other destination locations around the globe. Savoir Faire hosts events for Models and photographers, for business meetings and more at great locations! Join us with your club membership and enjoy the experiences only we can provide.  


The Savoir Faire Model Search is a online contest where we search for the next Cover model! You can be a part of that in a big way as a club member! 

Each Year we host a contest that features models from around the world competing to an all expense paid trip to NYC. This trip provides then with adventure, a cover shoot and to work directly with the CEO of Savoir Faire. As a club member your membership gives you exclusive options to assist us with who shall win. 

By voting for your favorite model you are not only giving to charity but you are also getting all your votes counted 3x the value of any one else.


The exclusive Savoir Faire Club Card will get you access to exclusive offers from some of your favorite brands as well as great offers from us. 

We work with multiple brands and its because of these relationships we can offer you exclusive deals that will come with shopping with our Savoir Faire Club Card. 

Not only will you get discounts with other brands but your card will earn you a discounts on our merchandise and magazine subscriptions for you and your friends. 


The Savoir Faire Club Membership Card is your key to unlock all the benefits of the club. Discounts on Goods and Services and your ticket to exclusive events.

The Savoir Faire Club Card holds a hidden secret that only club members will be able to access. When you sign up to be a member and you are receive your welcome package you will be notified about a hidden element with our card. 

The card is your ticket into amazing events, private club areas of our website and much more. 


Club membership options? 

Get your club membership started today and receive over $3,500 worth of benefits from Savoir Faire and our Club Partnerships for Only $1199. Instantly get your Membership Card, your welcome package and your free gift as well as access to the members only area that will provide you with even more great discounts and information.  

Image by Toa Heftiba


Join us and get all these benefits and more and show us your Savoir Faire. 





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